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Click 'Like' to Ride in Style across Norrath!


The Facebook Quest continues for EverQuest and EverQuest II!

Each game is striving to get an additional 3,000 likes on each of their Facebook pages. If this quest is completed, the reward is a mount – a Braxi for EverQuest and an Opalescent Prowler for EverQuest II. Now, hearing about an awesome reward is one thing…but seeing it is far better, wouldn't you agree?

Braxi Mount (EverQuest)

Ride across Norrath with your head held high from your perch atop the back of a Braxi. Much like the Dodo Bird or the Manatee, the appearance of the Braxi might seem strange to some, but don't let his looks fool you! He's a quick and reliable mount that will carry you far on your adventures.


Opalescent Prowler Mount (EverQuest II)

Are you on the prowl for a new mount? This Opalescent Prowler purrs under your touch standing still, and roars to life when on the move. Stunning to look at up close and from afar, the Opalescent Prowler is sure to get you noticed as you complete your quests!


Make a note in your quest journal to help increase your game's likes on Facebook!

Remember, you only have until August 23rd!

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