A cool wind blows across Norrath. A battle cry sounds across the land, as players engage in combat…

In EverQuest II, there are two different ways to engage in Player versus Player (PvP) battles. The first is by having a character on Nagafen, a PvP server, where you can engage in skirmishes on the warfields or battle players throughout different lands. The second is by entering the Champion's Respite on all servers and joining a group for PvP competition in unique settings known as Battlegrounds.

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One reason Ilikecows from Freeport likes this style of play is because, "it is a lot less predictable. I have no clue what another player is going to do, but a boss or raid boss is going to do the same thing pretty much every time." Karador from Nagafen agrees, saying PvP "gives you a challenge that you're always willing to do 'cause it's hard and fun."

Interested in giving it a try yourself? Here are some tips from experienced PvP-ers for getting started in this style of gameplay.

Pro-Tip #1: Don't Die.

Kodee from Everfrost offers this tip: "Have more HP at the end of the battle than the other guy." That is the most basic principle of PvP combat. The player left standing at the end of the battle is the winner. Your goal, whether as a solo or in a group, is to stay alive for as long as you can. In order to succeed at this, you should be well outfitted and understand your class. Remember to keep a watchful eye on your HP!

Pro-Tip #2: Form a Band of Brothers.

Forming a strong group is key to PvP success. Tonythetigerz on Nagafen says a "good idea for newcomers is to find some companions with which to play." Having a team you can openly and comfortably communicate with will help you survive in battle. Many players choose to team up with guild mates, while others seek new friends to join just for Battlegrounds.

Pro-Tip #3: Balance Your Strengths and Weaknesses.

Understanding your character is key for success in PvP. One way to learn about your own strengths and weaknesses is to engage in small PvP skirmishes before entering large battles. Xiaoyu from Antonia Bayle says, "Honestly, my advice for someone new before they go to Battlegrounds or something [is to] try to duel someone of the same level as they are. That's how I started out." Having good gear is also important. Whisperwelle from Freeport believes that "master-crafted gear was the great leg up for newer players." As you progress through different PvP content, you will also have a chance to earn tokens and get unique items that will help you later on.

Pro-Tip #4: Know What You're Up Against.

Ardur from Nagafen offers this advice: "Understand your enemy. Understand the class they play first, and their tendency as a player/person second." In addition to learning about the other players you may meet in PvP, you should learn as much as possible about the environment. A lot of fan sites have great information with additional tips or tricks about the terrain. Check out EQ2 ZAM's page on Battlegrounds and the EQ2i Wiki on Warfields as good starting points for more information.

Pro-Tip #5: Have an Escape Route.

Many players have stories of "great escapes" in PvP, which were made possible by knowing their characters and the terrain (see the previous Pro-Tips). For example, Frogloks can run fast and deep in water. If you are one, this can help you escape. If you're fighting one, you may want to try and fight away from rivers or lakes. Skyllee from Nagafen shared this experience from the Butcherblock Mountains: "I was on my Defiler, was being chased down by two people so I jumped off the cliff and they followed. One died from falling, the other drowned trying to get to me at the bottom of the ocean."

Battles are raging across Norrath. Will you take up arms and fight?

Join us tomorrow for tips and tricks from the PvP experts on the Development Team!

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