Update Notes for February 7, 2012



  • You can now access your mail without a mailbox!  You can either click the mail buff in your buff window, select mail from the EQ2 menu, or use the /start_mail command! (NOTE: You will only be able to send and receive items and coin by actually clicking on a mailbox in the world.)



Tallon’s Stronghold [Challenge]

  • Players have more time to defeat Decorin Deathbringer in the Tallon Zek fight before Tallon empowers him. 

Vallon’s Tower [Challenge]

  • Players have more time to defeat Kulaxis in the Vallon Zek fight before Vallon empowers him.



  • Shaman mercenaries should more reliably cast their single target ward spells during combat.
  • Keyrin Curetouch should no longer stack the “Spirit of the Wolf” spell on players in their maintained buff window after zoning.
  • Mercenary healers should now heal wounded player pets.
  • Mercs will no longer cause item damage when they kill players in PVP.



  • The recipe for Primeval Wristguard of the Animist now makes Beastlord armor instead of Assassin armor.
  • Tradeskill Apprentice reactants now display provisioner belts as items they can create.




  • The “Welcome to Qeynos, Citizen!” quests will no longer fail to update if you’ve completed the Faydwer expert collection.
  • “Natasha’s Note” can now be completed.  Tarakh has moved to Freeport Combined.
  • “Hand of War” will no longer fail to spawn the Left Eye of Thule if you’ve already done “Hand of War – Eye of Fear.”
  • “Strategic Point” will no longer fail to update if you’ve completed “Cartography Fun.”
  • “Tinkering with Toggery” now offers a reward to Beastlords.


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