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Fixed a UI bug on the mini-map window.
Fixed a bug where if you had a single target maintained spell on a group member and logged out that the spell would still be there when you logged back in.
Fixed an issue that prevented respec cards from working with beastlords.


Elements of War
Decorin Bonewing should now drop treasure each time he is killed in both the normal and the challenge versions.

Befallen: Halls of the Forsaken
Sir Loros Highgarden should no longer cast his flawless charge relentlessly.

Tower of Tactics [Challenge]
Ambassador Grindstone will not cast bullseye on anyone with Council Judgment, nor will he cast Council Judgment on any player who has Bullseye.


Fixed a bug where maintained spells on mercenaries would drop when zoning.
Fixed a display issue with mercenary salaries when mentored.
Raid leaders with a mercenary should now be able to properly add/remove players from their raid groups.


Tradeskill Apprentice priest belts now have a proc.
The additional heal amount provided by Tradeskill Apprentice priest food now affects wards as well as heals.


Gnomish Safety Hat can now be equipped by beastlords.


The City of Freeport
Maldreya Darkheart's conversation with Xolantan should no longer give players an examine box instead of a dialog node on rare occasions.
The quest description for "Qeynos Bounty: Yewon Martrcle" should reflect Yewon's new location in the Gorowyn Chancery.
It should no longer be possible to accidentally kill the conspiring citizens while working on the Freeport human racial quest, "Purification."
The corpses that show up before the sewer entrance for "To Make or Unmake" quest in West Freeport should now disappear once the quest is completed.
The quest "On a Boat" should now award items appropriate for the level of the character that completes the quest. If you have already completed this quest the rewards should be available on the armor and weapon upgrade merchant within Freeport.

Moors of Ykesha
The Quest "Swabber the Deck – Stock the Loft" will once again grant the Deckhand Labor Boots as a reward.

Great Divide
For the quest "It's a Trap!" you can now re-arm the traps for the eastern and western fronts in any order.

For the Shining Metallic Robes heritage quest line, the time breach portal and cog in Antonica should no longer be visible after the portal has been destroyed.

The Old "Switcheroo," Party Crasher, Extracting the Defector, and The Captain's Ring betrayal quests should again update properly.