Come take another look at Dungeon Maker, one of the awesome new features in EverQuest II's Age of Discovery Expansion. Host Linda "Brasse" Carlson (Director of Global Community Relations), a huge fan of Dungeon Maker, will interview Akil "Lyndro" Hooper (Lead Designer). They will chat about Extra Dungeon Mark Days, tips on how to spend your rewards, and information on our Test Server initiative that allows you to play your characters in Dungeon Maker. We may even give you a sneak peek at a new dungeon that is in the works. We will be taking your questions ahead of time on the EQII Facebook page and EQII Forums, so get your questions in by noon on Wednesday, January 18, 2012.

Join us on Thursday, January 19th, 2012, at 4:00 p.m. US Pacific Time* on Twitch TV! The webcast is expected to last about 20 minutes.

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