Good news!

You can now take screenshots of the game and have them posted to Facebook or Twitter without leaving the game!

So show off the really cool armor you just found or the particularly evil-looking boss mob that your group just trounced!

Here's how you do it. First of all, pull up your Character window. Look for the "EQII Share" option. Once you see that, enable whichever of the Facebook/Twitter feeds that you desire. When you toggle these on, you'll have to log into Facebook and/or Twitter to verify your credentials, but after you do that, you're set up!

NOTE: When you activate EQII Share, all of your characters are activated, but you can turn off the share for any individual characters you want to hide from view. To do this, open up your Character window, click on EQII Share, and click the check box for individual characters once you've logged in as those characters.

EQII Share screenshot 1

Anyway, once you're done with that, it's as easy as either clicking the "Send an Update" button, or you can use any of the slash commands we provided already to activate this window. (/facebook, /twitter, and /share all do the same thing now.)

EQII Share screenshot 2

When you do that, you'll see a dialog pop up. It automatically takes a screenshot of whatever you're looking at, but you can decide to not include the screen by unclicking the "Include Screenshot" option. Include any text you want in the text box, and hit "Share" when you're done.

Voila! Your screenshot and text are now broadcast out to your feed or profile. Cool, eh?

A few extra useful details:

If you type the following commands, it will do some pre-populating of the Share window, depending on what you type.

/share – brings up EQII Share window with all active social sites selected
/faceboook – brings up EQII Share window with only facebook selected
/twitter, /tweet – brings up EQII Share window with only twitter selected

All commands also support /shareand msg will be pre populated into the update text box.

For more information about EQII Share, click here.