Treasure Chest

With so much information being posted in the EQII Official Forums at all times, it can be very hard to keep up with it and very easy to miss some real gems and opportunities to share. Have no fear though; the Treasure Chest is here to highlight interesting, unusual, and humorous posts, as well as opportunities to help your fellow player with a question or two!


Treasure of Knowledge

Is there a way to turn on the quest feather to find lower level quests?

Sometimes we just need to clear the clutter. How can I delete an extra Hotbar?

If you're a new mount owner, there might be some good info for you in the "Question about Mounts?" thread.


From the International Community

Here are two very nice houses from the Valor server, home of Kadiya and home of Hakras.

The guild Synergy on Splitpaw has shared a look at their guild hall with us. Synergy is a casual raiding guild that has players from all over the world with players from the UK, Russia, Scandinavia, France, Lithuania, Estonia, United States, Italy and the United Arab Emirates. The guild has completed more than 3,000 quests and has 9 players that are in the top 20 in Splitpaw and 3 of them are in the top 5 worldwide.


There's no place like home!

This has to be one of the sweetest and most creative proposals ever in Norrath. Look what he did to the guild hall...

If you're looking for info or tips on decorating, be sure to stop by, a new website from community member Elayine!

And as always, there's so much creative decorating to see in the Norrathian Homeshow forum. Take a peek at all the hard work our players have done!

Guild Halls:

Player Homes:

Cool Stuff:


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