What are alternate appearances in EQII?

EQII has three ways you can view your character models. The first is the standard, default character models that you see when you first play the game.

Standard Models

The second is the SOGA model set, which includes a different artistic style for some of the races. Keep reading to find out more about those models.

The third is just a fun, silly way to play the game...in /cutemode. View all the characters around you as bobbleheads by using /cutemode.

Cute Mode


What is SOGA?

SOGA is a company that was formed as a joint venture between SOE and Gamania. It was a partnership to bring EverQuest II and other projects to the Asian Pacific market.


What are the alternate character models and why were they created?

In order to broaden the appeal of EverQuest II with players in Asia, the SOGA team wanted to change some of the player character models to a different artistic style. The SOGA team decided which models they wanted to re-envision.

Here are some of the races as they look in both modes:

Dark Elf - SOE Model
Dark Elf - SOGA Model
High Elf - SOE Model
High Elf - SOGA Model
Halfling - SOE Model Halfling - SOGA Model
Ogre - SOE Model Ogre - SOGA Model
Dwarf - SOE Model Dwarf - SOGA Model
Human - SOE Model Human - SOGA Model

Who designed the alternate models?

The alternate character models were designed and built by the SOGA art team specifically for their audience.


Are the alternate models meant to replace the original character models?

No. The alternate models were not designed as replacement models for the original game. Think of them more as an optional add-on designed by our partners that we're also offering to our players.


How do I play using the alternate models?

In the Options menu, there is a tab labeled Alternate Models. This allows you to choose which races and genders of the alternate models you would like to see.


Are there alternate models for all playable races?

The SOGA team created new models for Erudites, Humans, Barbarians, Dwarves, Halflings, Gnomes, High Elves, Half Elves, Wood Elves, Dark Elves, and Ogres.


Why didn't SOGA make alternate models for the Fae, Arasai, Iksar, Ratonga, Trolls, Kerra, Sarnak, and Frogloks?

The SOGA artists felt that the existing models they refer to as the "monster" races (Trolls, Kerra, Frogloks, Ratonga, Sarnak, and Iksar) would fit well into the art style of their world. The same applies to the Fae and Arasai races. They have no current plans to add alternate versions of these races.


How will other players see my character?

Just as you can decide which models you prefer to see on your screen, other players can enable or disable alternate models as they see fit. If you play a male High Elf wizard with the alternate model for your race and gender enabled, you will see your character in alternate form. If other players decide to use the original High Elf male model, they will see your character in the original model on their screens.


If I decide not to display the alternate models on my screen, can I still determine what my characters would look like to those who use the alternate models?

Absolutely. You can set an alternate appearance for each of your characters on the character select screen. Changing the alternate appearance will not affect the customizations already saved for the original models; all characters will have separate original and alternate appearances saved. This allows you to determine how your characters appear to players who prefer to use the alternate models.


Why are the customization options different between the alternate models and the originals?

The SOGA team wanted a certain look for the character models and felt players in their market were less concerned with having the same range of customization options as was present on the original models. They created their own hairstyles and decided not to include some of the accessories (glasses, piercings, etc.) available on the original models.


Do you plan to add more customization options to the alternate models?

We're offering the character models as the SOGA team designed them. We aren't planning to add more customization options at this time.


Will you convert customization options available on the alternate models to the originals?

We don't plan to convert any alternate customization options to the original models at this time. Because the models have different proportions, it's not a simple matter to move customization options from one model to another.


Who will address bugs related to the alternate models?

The alternate models are maintained by the SOGA team. Armor and clothing assets made by the EQII team for the original models will be modified by the SOGA team for the alternate characters. The SOGA team monitors our forums, so they see the feedback posted there. They also receive bug reports sent in through our QA system. When the SOGA team makes changes or fixes to their models or outfits, those changes will be applied to the US and European servers at the same time.


All of the alternate models are somewhat different, but why do the alternate Ogres look so very different from the original version?

The SOGA team based their Ogre race design on traditional Japanese ogre imagery, such as this example: http://www.nohmask21.com/oni/ooeonilist04_j.html

As these models were built specifically for the Asian market, the alternate ogre art is a fantastic representation of their culture's artistic heritage.


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