As promised, with Elements of Corruption (GU#51), there will be new solo content! But it won't just be for high-level adventurers...

Lavastorm has undergone a huge make-over.

The Void is invading Lavastorm!
The beach areas at the entrance have been extended as the Void creatures try to encroach on Najena's territory. In her efforts to fight back, it appears that Najena, decked out the elementals in Lavastorm with some snazzy new armour!
In the interests of safety, there are clear markers on the beach to warn younger adventurers away from the main point of invasion.
There are more than 20 new quests available for levels 45-55, starting with those silly Sootfoot goblins! Five of these are repeatable for that extra little boost (or just in case you really like that quest!). To start these you'll want to talk to Blisterzonk and agree to help him out.
Adventurers who go above and beyond the call of duty will find that they may be given extra rewards for their efforts on behalf of the goblin clan.
To make it easier for brave adventurers to lend their aid, the Order of Flame has tamed elemental spirits to speed travel through the zone. Just speak to the handler and you'll be offered your choice of destinations. But make sure you hold on tight! These mounts are speedy.
Even the goblins are participating in making Lavastorm more accessable by clearing out of the entrance tunnel and minding their own business as they wander the zone. You'll still need to beware of the goblins who are hanging out in one place working, though, so make sure to give them a wide berth and not interrupt their work!

There are even eight new collection quests! All of my fellow shinie connoisseurs will be busily adding to their hoards.

That isn't all, though! There are new adventures for high-level players as well. Talk to Pallasa Rargen by the portal to Solusek's Eye.
If you helped her out at the beginning of the Void's invasion into Norrath over the summer, she'll remember you fondly. If you haven't met her before, she'll be happy to put you to work!
Pallasa's line of quests will lead you to the Golden Skull Caves and eventually to The Ward of Elements!

Click here for more screenshots and to see some of the new items that will be available.