Player of the Year 2008

The judges have spent many hours sifting through nominees and debating who is worthy of the prize at hand; free passage to Fan Faire 2008 held at the prestigious Hilton Hotel in Las Vegas. With such pressure over who to grant this opportunity of a lifetime to, outsiders who have tried to touch the Tylenol bottle in the Community area have taken their life in their hands. After rigorous days spent concentrating and much deliberation, a conclusion has been reached! It is a pleasure to announce the two winners of the 2008 Player of the year contest:

Rikoo Rakoo
of Vanguard's Xeth Server

~ and ~

Tnexus the Forgotten Hero
of EverQuest's Prexus Server

Rikoo Rakoo has truly inspired many Vanguard players he has come across. He is actively involved in game, creating fun activities that are open to everyone. Rikoo posts his adventures online for all to read, and those who read enjoy his tales. He is an avid poster on the forums and co-hosts the Voyages of Vanguard podcast, informing listeners of what is new in Vanguard. He shows his passion for the game by helping those around him enjoy the game as much as he does. With multiple nominations it is clear that Rikoo Rakoo is a valued member of the Vanguard Community and more than deserving of the 2008 Player of the Year.

Just as deserving is our other player of the year, Tnexus the Forgotten Hero. Tnexus has displayed the true meaning of dedication through his actions and thoughts. Playing EverQuest for 9 years, Tnexus takes pride in his knowledge of the game and sharing it with others. He has made good friends through the game, and continues to meet new people and help them with their journeys. He has held numerous leadership positions in guilds and for the website Tnexus showed his fun-loving side by doing 15 epics just for fun and to enjoy. He has actively participated in attending Fan Faires and obtaining EQ related merchandise. With such dedication to the same game for so long, and all of his wonderful talents, it is a pleasure to award Player of the Year to such a worthy individual.

Other players are not to go without mention. With over 100 entries there was quite a competitive pool this year, the judges had a hard time reaching a final decision. Honorable Mentions go to of the Matrix Online for creative writing and providing players with entertainment outside of the game, to MasterCosmo of Stars Wars Galaxies for his "Mother Teresa" qualities, and to Zunnoab for his in- and out-of-game dedication to EverQuest and his server.

We thank everyone for their participation in our 2008 Player of the Year contest. Once again, we would like to congratulate our winners: Tnexus and Rikoo Rakoo.

We look forward to seeing you both at Fan Faire!