Though we go out into the world equipped with armor, spells and weapons, even the best of us will be smitten by a force more powerful than us on occasion. When this happens, there are a couple of options to bring your character back to life, depending on the situation. Below are some Frequently Asked Questions about character deaths.


Uh oh! My character died. Now what?

Upon the death of your character, you have a choice: remain in your body and wait to be resurrected by another player who has that ability, or revive yourself. If you are resurrected, your body will come back to life at the site of your death. If you revive, you will appear (with all your items) at a nearby explorer camp, graveyard, or at the nearest safe spot if you are in a dungeon or instanced zone.


What is an "explorer camp"?

Explorer camps are spots where you can choose to reappear when you die. They vary in terms of location, but there will be a nearby safe spot for you to regroup and recover. Some camps may be safer than others, depending how far you have ventured out into the world.


Can I cast a bind spell wherever I want or use a Soulbinder to decide where I will respawn like in EverQuest?

No, there is no binding of this fashion in EverQuest II.


What are the results of character death in EverQuest II?

Each time you die, you suffer a temporary resurrection effect, accumulate experience debt, and incur item wear.


What are the effects of multiple deaths? 

Each time you die, you take additional experience debt and item wear. When your items reach 100% damage, they can no longer be equipped until they are repaired. The maximum amount of XP debt you can accumulate is 50%. 


How do I get rid of my experience debt?

Debt is reduced as you gain new experience. Part of the experience you earn goes toward repaying your debt while the other part continues to advance your character's level. Experience debt also goes away slowly over time when your character is logged out.


Who can cast a resurrection spell?

All priests have the ability to resurrect players who have not yet released their corpses. Additionally, paladins, necromancers, and dirges can cast basic resurrection spells. Priests have much more variety and flexibility in their choice of resurrection spells. Your character can only be resurrected if you haven't chosen to revive yourself and are still lying on the ground dead.


Do members of my group share my debt if I die?

Though at launch EverQuest II had group debt sharing, it was removed with Live Update #13. Now the player that dies assumes all penalties related to that death, including experience debt.


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