If you came back to the world of Norrath through the Living Legacy reactivation promotion that started in June, your free play period is about to end. Please don't forget to convert your free trial account to a monthly subscription by July 31, 2008 so you can continue to enjoy the rest of the Living Legacy summer events.

Rewards for Converting to a Paying Monthly Subscription:
  • Free Rise of Kunark™ All-In-One Pack - Access the latest content; keep a complimentary digital copy of this compilation pack if and when you convert to a paid monthly subscription for EQII.
  • Recruitment Rewards – Earn up to twenty (20) months of free gameplay at the end of your current subscription by recruiting friends who become EQII subscribers.
  • Discount Coupon– Receive $5.00 (or local currency equivalent) off the purchase of the next EQII expansion (scheduled for release Fall 2008) if you convert to a paid EQII monthly subscription by October 13, 2008 and purchase the expansion through the Station Store by Dec. 21, 2008.

August Excitement in EverQuest II:

Exclusive Media Download – Hint…Expansion Pack #5

Evolution of EverQuest Event – Massive In-Game Experience

Murder Mystery Event

Expansion #5 Pre-Order Program Details

Fan Faire Las Vegas (Live Events & In-Game Events)

Test Your Knowledge Contest

Living Legacy Graffiti Wall

Bonus Experience Weekends

Terms & Conditions:
Between June 2, 2008 and July 31, 2008, all inactive EverQuest II accounts (in good standing) will receive complimentary access to EverQuest II Rise of Kunark . Customers who convert such trial account to a monthly subscription plan for EverQuest II will receive a digital copy of the EverQuest II Rise of Kunark compilation with their subscription and a discount key code for a Five Dollar (US $5.00) (or local currency equivalent) rebate toward purchase of the upcoming EverQuest II expansion when purchased through Station Store before December 21, 2008. Recruitment Reward invitations may be issued until Aug. 30, 2008. Inviter must be a current, active subscriber in good standing to EverQuest II . One (1) month of gameplay time (up to a maximum of twenty (20) months) will be added to the end of inviter's then-current subscription within one (1) billing cycle of conversion of an invitee's EverQuest II trial account to a paid monthly subscription plan for the game. Gameplay time is non-transferable, has no cash value and is subject to the game's End User License Agreement and Station Terms of Service.

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