SOE presents
Fan Faire 2008 at the Las Vegas Hilton
August 14th-17th

Fan Faire will be returning to the lively city of Las Vegas for 3 days and nights full of gaming, socializing, and fun! The upcoming Fan Faire is predicted to be one of the best; this is not an event you will want to miss!

Fan Faire 2008 will be packed with sneak peeks at three monumental new games in development, plus special activities, roundtables, developer forums, and live in-game tournaments and quests for many games. In addition there will be many advantages to attending. An extended All-Access pass will allow you to receive an invitation to the beta testing of Free Realms and the new expansion pack for EQ II. Be prepared to receive gifts and in-game items as well!

Players are actively talking about Fan Faire in the forums. The excitement is building up with only 17 days left until the big event takes place.

"Registered... see you there!"
~ Jod_ledgemai, SWG

"Just registered the whole Family... hope to see yas there"
~ Tigiar, SWG

"*dances* We have our minimum of 10 guildies (for the discount and the table and stuff) even with at least 3 of the ones who plan to attend not in the list yet. *impish grin*"
~ Rijacki, EQII

"Will be there, with a bunch of my guildmates."
~ Kalthanan2, EQ

"I shall be attending! :-D YAYYYYYY!
/dance dance"

~ Winter, EQII

"I'll be there with bells on :-D
...Someone has to represent the old E'ci (now Tunare!)"

~ Merekitty, EQ

"I'm going to be there. Sorted out flights and hotel today. Hope the 14 hour flights and time difference doesn't kill me :-D"
~ NeillM, SWG

"I'll be there! I've had my plane tickets and hotel booked for a good while now... now I'm just trying to save money so I can eat while I'm there !"
~ Tharkis, EQ

"The best DO go to Fan Faire."
~ Jyve, EQ

"More Tigers!"
~Nadadini, EQ
"If I'm not in the tournament it's not the best of the best... "
~ Swampfunk, EQ

"I'm going, and I'm looking forward to seeing everybody there! :-D"
~ DominoDev, EQII

"I'm looking forward to poking the Devs, seeing Vegas and letting my geek-side run free. :-D"
~ NeillM, SWG
"The discussions of what the future holds for Everquest II is what I'm most anticipating and a chance to look at the next expansion. See you all in Las Vegas."
~ TheFever

"I plan on attending! =). I turn 21 on August 16th, so it will give me a reason to go to Vegas and Gamble as well."
~ Tigris67, EQ

"Registered, hotel reserved, plane tickets bought, and getting married while I'm there... Woot! I hear there's even going to be Darth Vader"
~ Freica, SWG


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