Name: Greg “Rothgar” Spence

Title: Programmer, EverQuest II

What do you do for EQII?:

Like most other programmers, we don’t have specific areas that we work in, although some of us have specialties and tend to work in those areas most often. Some of the notable areas I’ve worked on are the macro system, appearance slots, the new help system (GU47), the user-interface integration of the new voice chat system (GU47) and currently working on guild hall features as well as some upcoming features for GU48. I also work on some of the internal tools that we use to design and populate the game world.

How did you get started in the game industry?:

I have been developing applications since right out of high school and always wanted to work in the gaming industry. I didn't have any formal experience in game development, but it had always been a hobby of mine outside of work. I met the EQII development team at Fan Faire Atlanta and stayed in touch with them over the next few months. When a position opened up on the team, I applied and after some tests and interviews I was offered the job.

What's your favourite part about working on EQII?:

Since I still actively play and raid at least 20 hours a week, I really enjoy seeing the work that we do affect so many people. It's extremely rewarding to see something you've worked on appear in the game for everyone to enjoy.

What class/race do you play?:

I have an Ogre Guardian (80), Wood Elf Ranger (73-ish) and Erudite Wizard (80)

What else are you playing right now?:

I recently reinstalled Battlefield 2 and have been playing it a little bit. I also got addicted to a Flash game called GemCraft which I just beat, so I can stop playing now.

The usual questions: Pie or Cake, Pirate or Ninja?:

Chocolate-Chip Cookies and Super Heroes