With so much information being posted in the EQII Official Forums at all times, it can be very hard to keep up with it and very easy to miss some real gems and opportunities to share. Have no fear though; the Treasure Chest is here to highlight interesting, unusual, and humorous posts, as well as opportunities to help your fellow player with a question or two!


Treasure of Knowledge!

Dying to see some new places? Grand Bufoon got some advice on sightseeing in unfriendly territory.

Hey, Blackburrow players! Alpha Legion is hosting a Scavenger Hunt this Saturday. (7/26) Don't miss it!

Miracles...Blessings... What's the difference? Moonbaby asked and got some clarification.


There's no place like home!

Looking for the royal treatment? Check out Trydan's Manor, with it's towering pillars, regal banners and more artwork than the Norrath Museum...well, if there was such a thing.

This week we have several variations on a few popular decorting themes from the Norrathian Homeshow:

Room dividers: Pet ParkPoebahnya's Maj'Dul HomeDaani's House

Evil abodes: Hate's Crypt EstateFumando's House

Gardens : Magical Princess ForrestWylo's Fae Garden and TreehouseLuminor's HouseEvre's Tribal Paradise


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