by: Holly Windstalker Longdale

The holidays are coming up fast, and we wanted to take a moment to let you know what’s coming up!

Frostfell 2014

Bug Bash

We are doing a Bug Bash (and have been) that will release on December 9 with lots of fixes.  In our Bug Bash, we are also tackling some remaining feedback we received at SOE Live, like:

  • Shared Banks for exiles
  • Exile suffix titles enabled
  • Coldain Heritage Quest no longer requires public quest
  • Ability to drag/drop the mount/dismount spell from the character window to the macro window


And, of course, we will continue to do hotfixes as needed when issues come up.

Frostfell’s Coming!

Woot! Frostfell starts on December 11 this year and will run until January 8.  We’ve got some really cool Player Studio items coming out and we’ll be adding fun Frostfell items from years past on our store as well. There’s new content, rewards, gifts, crafted, and merchant items. OMG snowglobes and statues!  For decorators, we’ll be adding a new type of building block set on the store too.

Limited-Time Ethereal Armor Gems!

From December 16 to January 6, we will be dropping Ethereal armor adornments on AoM Heroic and Advanced Solo instance bosses. These adornments can be used with the other new gem sets in the expansion!

Plunderables, Plunderables!

Starting January 6, the designers will be putting a bunch of awesome “plunderable” house items on the Loyalty Merchants from past expansions.


There’s a lot to come, of course.  Once we ring in the New Year, we’ll be back and ready to talk about what’s next! Happy holidays to one and all!