Do you love showing your gamer pride? Have you been struggling to find the perfect gift for a fellow gamer? Good news! The Sony Online Entertainment portion of the J!NX store has expanded! Shop now for new shirts from EverQuest, PlanetSide 2, and H1Z1!

EQ2 J!NX Store Promo

And from now through December 31, 2014*, if you buy any tee from the SOE Collection, you get a free digital item bundle! The digital item bundle includes:

  • Ognit’s Mini Dirigible Device Mount for EverQuest
  • Stormwind Komodo Mount (Glider) for EverQuest II
  • Proximity Mine Pack for Landmark
  • In-Game J!NX Tee for H1Z1**
  • NS-11P Gun Plus J!NX Decal for PlanetSide 2

So get a head start on your holiday shopping – and don’t forget to pick yourself up a gift tee or two – and head on over to the SOE J!NX store now!


*Digital item bundles are available now through December 31, 2014 or while supplies last. Digital item bundles will be delivered with your item shipment via a card with a code for the bundle. The code will be redeemed on

**H1Z1 in-game item will be available upon release of H1Z1 and will require purchase of the game.