Norrathians – it’s time to team up with your guildmates to unlock access to the new Highhold Guild Hall and Skyshrine Capital Guild Hall!

These two guild halls may be earned by purchasing guild tickets from the Marketplace. Anyone within a guild may purchase and make use of these guild tickets. Each ticket increases the count on the guild medal, and once 350 (for Highhold) or 400 (for Skyshrine Capital) total tickets have been used, the medal is granted and the guild will have access to purchase that guild hall from the guild bells in Antonica or Commonlands. Both guild halls also require a guild of level 30 or above.

Grabbed too many guild tickets? They can also be sold on the broker or sold for status!

PLUS, the Skyshrine Capital Guild Hall has a bonus amenity available – the chrono echo of a dragon! Members of the guild that owns the hall may find that she grants a special bonus to them.

Skyshrine Capital Guild Hall Dragon

Pick up guild tickets from the Marketplace and start working towards these two new guild halls today!