As previously announced, our newest PvP TLE server, Zarrakon, is now live and open to all All Access members! If you missed the article last month, here are the important features for this new server:

  • Faction based PvP
  • Free Trade server
  • Launched with the Shattered Lands, Deserts of Flame, and Kingdom of Sky expansions.


Will we have frequent patches/updates to fix bugs or any other issues?

  • We will patch every second and fourth Tuesday of the month and fixes will be applied as they are completed or necessary.

Are there Turquoise adornments/slots?

  • Yes.

Are there PvP quests/rewards?

  • Yes. There are PvP writs and PvP specific rewards starting in Kingdom of Sky.

How long will each expansion be?

  • We’re currently planning to release expansions at roughly the same pace as the previous PvP server. This is subject to change. Should this change, we will provide advance notification.

Is Kingdom of the Sky opening with mid content or without?

  • Kingdom of Sky is opening with mid content active.

Will Echoes of Faydwer have avatars enabled?

  • Yes, Echoes of Faydwer will have avatars.

How does betrayal work?

  • Change of Citizenship NPC’s will offer you a token that you may use to instantly betray once every 24 hours, or you may do the city betrayal quests from those same NPC’s at any time.

Is the Marketplace unlocked on Zarrakon?

  • Most things that are available on TLE servers besides XP potions are available on Zarrakon.

Get in on the non-stop action by becoming an All Access member today!


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