We are beyond excited and honored to be working with Extra Life again this year for Game Day, and in helping raise financial support for the Children’s Miracle Network. Everyone in the Darkpaw family blew the doors off our expectations in 2022 so we’re very much looking forward to how all of us can help the Children’s Miracle Network here in 2023.

New for 2023

What makes this year even more amazing is the fact that Darkpaw Games is part of the Daybreak Games Super Team which includes nearly all our studios. Whether you play and support this year’s efforts through EverQuest, EverQuest II, Planetside II, DC Universe Online, The Lord of the Rings Online, or Dungeons and Dragons Online, we are all one big family in this push to help save the lives of kids in need. Let’s get out there and do this! Let’s show everyone that the Daybreak Games family at large is determined to truly make a difference.

Extra Life Awards Collection of the Fundraising Rewards for 2022. See 2023's Fundraising Rewards.


One of the new things we did last year was to offer incentives for those who donated or helped raise donations. Incentives will be returning for 2023 as our way again of showing how much we appreciate your participation and financial support. As much as we’d love to share what those incentives will be, we’re still in the process of getting them set up and locked in place. Just know that they will be announced as soon as we have a list to share.

About the Children’s Miracle Network and Rady Children’s Hospital

There has already been a lot of anticipation for this year’s Extra Life and Children’s Miracle Network fundraising which is why we’re kicking things off earlier than ever before. In fact, we’ve already received donations, so things are off to a great start. We will once again be sending 100% of the donations to the Children’s Miracle Network, and we plan to offer our support to Rady Children’s Hospital right here in San Diego.

Where Your Money Goes at Rady Children’s Hospital

$.50 = 1 diaper – We use 880,000 per year!
$1 = Infant-sized mask to deliver anesthesia
$1 = Pediatric blood pressure cuff
$1.10 = One baby blanket – We use these to keep our smallest patients in the neonatal and infant critical care unit warm.
$5 = Round trip transportation for a child to and from therapy – This is critical for children that have been abused or neglected.
$7 = Box of 50 child isolation masks
$7 = Digital thermometer
$10 = Medical play baby doll – Our child life specialists use these to explain procedures to young patients.
$15 = Pediatric Ambu bag
$30 = A cuddle cub – This special weighted teddy bear feels like a baby in your arms and is given to families to take home when they lose a little one.
$30 = Case of pediatric medical gowns
$100 = Red wagon – We use these to transport kids around the hospital in place of wheelchairs to make transport more fun!
$1,000 = 3D printed heart – Our surgeons use these to plan their heart surgeries and explain them to patients and their families.

How You Can Help

Remember, your support can come in many forms: sharing our Super Team page, sharing the Darkpaw Games page, or sharing any of our other team pages with family and friends; streaming any of our games to raise awareness, donating your own money, or by receiving donations through your registered account with Extra Life. Just remember to join one of our teams!

We say it a lot, but we truly mean it: We appreciate you! Thank you for all you did in 2022, and for your continued support here in 2023. Through your support and involvement this year, hundreds of thousands of kids suffering from life-threatening medical conditions will receive much-needed help on their journey to recovery. This alone is why we feel so honored to be part of the Extra Life Game Day efforts which launches on November 4, 2023.


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