A new crate of haunting Season 3 Mercenaries has arrived!

The brand new Mindblaster Mercenary Crate is available in the Marketplace starting today, October 24th, 2018!

This crate contains all-new Season 3 UNDEAD mercenaries who are more than ready to take to your side and help you out in combat! These mercenaries vary in rarity, and will aid in bringing both control and wrath to your encounters using both coercer and wizard abilities. All of these mindblaster mercenaries are either specters, skeletons or mummies! Oh my!

Open a crate and you'll also have a chance to get the Ultra Rare mercenary Kaeron Nyx! This epic mercenary will be incredibly helpful to have by your side for even the hardest of challenges.

Didn’t get the mercenary of your dreams? Not to worry! You'll be able to turn in any rewarded mercenary tokens for a hefty amount of status.


The Mindblaster Mercenary Crate is already available in the Marketplace for 799 Daybreak Cash each. You'll also be able to purchase 3-packs and 7-packs of the crates for a discounted price. Be sure to grab your crates soon, as these mercenaries will only be available for a limited time!