The Plane of Fire is a realm of perpetual inferno, under a sky of ash and embers. At the center of the eternal blaze stands Fennin Ro, the Tyrant of Fire, who is a large bestial creature of immense, frightful power that rules over the Plane.

No being, save the Tyrant of Fire himself, can withstand the merciless consuming element writhing at the center of his world.

The cooler outer regions of this domain contain jagged, charred islands surrounded by rivers of fast flowing lava and great seas of molten metals. The intense and caustic environment of this realm, has forged an army of beings born of flame and magma, such as fire elementals, imps, efreeti, and phoenix.

There is no oasis, no harbor for the weary in this infernal realm, and all who dare enter should be prepared to fight for their very lives!


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