Myrist, the Great Library, is an archive that strives to contain all mortal knowledge in the universe, despite its isolation within the heart of the Plane of Knowledge. All within its walls are scholars and custodians of enlightenment, led by the impossibly-long-lived Grand Librarian Maelin Starpyre, a gnome of great renown.

For generations Myrist had grown within the Plane of Knowledge, drawing scholars and seekers of wisdom from across Norrath. The city of New Tanaan had developed alongside it, providing travelers and residents with all of the necessities and comforts of life. That is, until all magical passage to and from New Tanaan suddenly went dormant, tragically cutting off The Plane of Knowledge over two-hundred years ago!

Now, the celestial doors to this incredible library have been reopened to travelers from afar, serving as a gateway to the deeper planes of existence once again. Despite the years of isolation and a mysterious cataclysmic event that left Myrist the only structure remaining, the population inside is welcoming to all, and as eager to provide support as they are to get some.


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