The upcoming Live Heroic Server, Rivervale, will launch on on Tuesday, November 5, 2019 at approximately 12 PM PT. This server is perfect for any adventurer to start fresh without having to worry about how far behind the rest of the server they may be.


Read on for some of the answers to your most frequently asked questions!


  • What is different on a Heroic Live server?
    • Any new character on a heroic server is granted a level boost bauble that will enable them to jump directly into some of the more recent content, boosting to level 95 with a gear set that will set you on your path in the Phantom Seas (released in 2014’s Altar of Malice expansion).


  • Who can play on Rivervale?
    • All Access Membership is required to create characters and play on the Rivervale server.


  • What does “no gated content” mean?
    • A heroic server does not lock released expansions behind a progression date, so you will be able to enter any expansion that your account currently has access to on Rivervale from the day the server launches.


  • What Races and Classes will be available at launch?
    • All Races and Classes are available at the launch of Rivervale.


  • Can I transfer my character to Rivervale?
    • To keep the economy new and fresh, you will not be able to transfer a character to Rivervale.


  • Will experience values be tuned for Rivervale?
    • Experience values on Rivervale are comparable to the Free Trade server Isle of Refuge.


  • Can I use my /claim items?
    • All claimable items that are available on a normal live server are available on Rivervale.


  • Can I use a Mercenary?
    • Mercenaries are available as long as your account has the requisite mercenary feature.


  • Can I participate in Player vs Player or other competitive content?
    • Player vs Player combat is not available on Rivervale.


  • But I have a question about something else!
    • We're very excited to set off on this new journey with you on November 5! If you can't wait to get in on the adventure, you can chat with other players on our forums or discord!


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