How amazing has this year gone so far? And so quickly, too, but we have SO much still in the works along with a special reveal which you’ll learn about shortly. For now, loads of 2023 Roadmap things have come to fruition like our Extra Life fundraising efforts along with our first ever Daybreak Games Super Team page, massive new changes to Kael Drakkel, new content for Beast’r Eggstravaganza, launched Game Update 122, Empire of Antiquity, opened up our latest PvP TLE, Zarrakon, updated Mercenary AI behavior, overhauled Summer Jubilee by adding a new character item slot: the Plume, added new content for Tinkerfest, brought back all Pride Month Familiars including newly designed lions for this year, and so much more.

Whew! I know, it’s a lot and so much of it has far exceeded our expectations. And we’re barely half-way done with the year! Loads of new content and changes are still to come, but before we go into that, let’s list off what we’ve completed so far:




  • July
    • EverQuest® II becomes "Free-er" to Play
  •  August
    • Summer Jubilee and Oceansfull Festival updates
    • Varsoon unlocks Rise of Kunark
  • September
    • GU 123 Launch
    • Expansion Prelude
    • Panda, Panda, Panda! 

Surprise! In less than one week, we're making EverQuest® II "Free-er" to Play. What does that mean? We'll be adding the expansion content and select features all the way up to Planes of Prophecy! You already have up to Altar of Malice and next Wednesday you'll have three more expansions added for all accounts with adventure and tradeskill level caps going to 110! Keep your eyes peeled for the article with more details. 

Once again, Darkpaw Games, as part of Daybreak Games' Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion initiative, has pledged a donation of $5,000 to The San Diego LGBT Community Center. One of the many projects this organization works on is helping to solve the housing crisis in San Diego.  

And let’s not forget that we are continuing to team up with Extra Life to help improve kids' health. The official Extra Life Game Day is November 4, 2023, and we're planning some fun things and incentives for everyone, so be on the lookout for upcoming articles! Please visit our Extra Life Announcement and read all about how we are part of the Daybreak Games Super Team and what your contribution does for children in need! Fun times, great games, excellent cause! 

Okay, I know you’re excited to know what’s happening in the coming months ahead so let’s just jump right into the next Game Update. Say hello to Shattered Overture! 

Follow Doctor Arcana into new and unknown adventures!

  • Earn a powerful item that you will carry forward into your future adventures.
  • Earn final enhancements for Miracula Weapons!
  • 2 New Solo Dungeons
  • 2 New Heroic Dungeons
  • 15 New Collections
  • 5 New Missions
  • New Achievements 

Open Beta for Shattered Overture will begin on September 5 August 29, 2023. 

Hoot of thought the year would go so quickly, 

Jenn Chan 
Head of Studio 

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