The Nagafen PvP server will launch on Saturday, March 16, 2019 at approximately 12 PM PT. If you're one of Norrath's bravest warriors looking to make their mark, look no further than this Seasonal PvP Server!

If you're unfamiliar with EQII PvP, you may want to take a moment to review this announcement post. But if you're raring to get into the thick of things, read on for the answers to some of your most frequently asked questions!

What is a Seasonal PvP server?

A Seasonal PvP server has a special ruleset which restricts content and allows players to revisit exciting adventures from previous eras of EverQuest II on a 3-month cycle.  Nagafen, Season 1, will progress for 3 months, starting from the original release content through to the Kingdom of Sky expansion. Every 4 weeks (2 times during Season 1), expansion content will unlock. The season is complete at the end of 3 months.


Who can play on a Seasonal PvP Server?

All Access Membership is required to create characters and play on the Nagafen server.  You can only have one character per account on the Nagafen Seasonal PvP server.


How will content unlocking work?

Every 4 weeks, a new expansion and its associated content will unlock on the server.  Adventure packs and non-expansion content will not be released on Nagafen.


What happens when each season is over on Nagafen?

When the season ends, titles will be handed out to the top players for unique kills or any other events designed to grant titles. The server will then close, be wiped, and then be prepared for Season 2. There will be rewards and titles that players will be able to claim on other servers and after every season.


Will there be leaderboards?

Within both Freeport and Qeynos you will find a sortable list of the PvP leaderboards. Being on top comes with some drawbacks, however, as players who find themselves on the leaderboard will also find they become the target of bounty missions.

What if we think the seasons for Nagafen are too short?

Overall, we will be listening to feedback and the players. Should it be decided that the seasonal pvp is very popular, we are definitely open to lengthening the experience and expansions.


Is it really Free-For-All PvP?

PvP combat will be free-for-all, where anyone outside of your group or raid will be considered a hostile target regardless of faction or other affiliation. Every player is a potential target, and every player is a potential group mate. 


What Races/Classes will be available at launch?

All races will be completely available on Nagafen!  Channeler and Beastlord will not be available for play on Nagafen. These classes have been deemed “Out of Progression.” Spellscrolls for Channelers and Beastlords will continue to drop and can be sold to vendors as a source of income.


What about Zones and Player Vs. Player Level Range?

"Newbie" zones will have a 4-level PvP range.  Zones that are included in the 4-level PvP range are: Antonica, Commonlands, Darklight Wood, Frostfang Sea, Oakmyst Forest, Outpost of the Overlord, Queen's Colony, The Caves, The Forest Ruins, The Graveyard, The Peat Bog, The Ruins, The Sprawl, The Sunken City, Big Bend, Stonestair Byway, Temple Street, Beggar's Court, Longshadow Alley, Scale Yard, Nettleville, Starcrest Commune, Graystone Yard, Castleview Hamlet, The Willow Wood, and The Baubbleshire. Normal zones will have an 8-level PvP range and zones intended for level 40+ will have an unlimited PvP range. The only non-PvP zones will be Freeport and Qeynos. All other zones are open for PvP business as long as their respective expansion is active.


We heard there will be a PvP Bounty system?

We are currently working on a potential bounty system, and will have more details on this laterlater.


How does PvP Death work?

Characters killed in PvP will drop up to 70% of the coin they are carrying with them. Coin kept in the bank is not affected. There is also a high chance that they will drop one of the tradeable items that they are carrying in their bags. Attuned and No-Trade/Heirloom items will not be lost.


What Starting Areas are Available?

Starting areas will be Outpost of the Overlord and Queen’s Colony on the original Isle of Refuge. Darklight Wood and Frostfang Sea are available via the travel bells, but you will not be able to create a character there. Travel at your own risk! Timorous Deep and Greater Faydark will not be available until those expansions are released.


Can I transfer my character to Nagafen?

Character transfers will be not be available to or from Nagafen.


Will rewards and itemization reflect early EverQuest II?

The primary goal of the itemization rebalance is to restore as close as possible the early game to its original launch experience.  This means encounters will be more challenging to defeat than on normal servers.


Will experience values be tuned for Nagafen?

Experience values will be slower, similar to how it was on original launch. Quest XP has been increased which makes doing writs for Tradeskilling better for experience.


How does the Marketplace work on an Event Server?

The event server Marketplace will sell account-wide currency tokens that can in turn be used to purchase event server packs from in-game merchants.  All event server packs will come with the purchased items as well as a claim token that will allow you to claim a copy of those items from a special merchant on any live server after the season ends. When the event server season ends, you can also spend any remaining event server currency on live servers where it is accepted.


Will Guildhalls be available?

Guildhalls will not be made available.


Will we be able to leap or fly on Nagafen? Mounts?

Leaping, Gliding, and flying will not be available on Nagafen. Ground mounts will be available, however mount speed utilizes Time-Locked rulesets starting at 29% and increasing with each unlocked expansion.


Can I use my /claim items?

Claim items will be restricted based on expansion and in some cases not ever made available to preserve the progression of the server. 


What will be available for Tradeskills?

Crafted gear has had its progression re-balanced. Handcrafted items are now entry level gear at its tier and mastercrafted should now be just below heroic quality.


Can I use a Mercenary?

The Mercenary feature will not be made available for PvP. 


Can I participate in other Player vs Player or other competitive content?

Battlegrounds and Proving Grounds will not be available on Nagafen.


Will Familiars be available on Nagafen?

Familiars will not be available on the Nagafen server.


Will we be able to /house to travel on Nagafen?

Using /house has been restricted. You will not be able to use it outside of zones and locations where housing exists.


What will launch day be like?

We will have a new queue system for logging into the servers to hopefully avoid some of those launch day blues. Keep an eye out on the Forums and other official EQII channels for launch day updates!


The following systems will NOT be available on the Nagafen server:

  • Recruit a Friend
  • Legendary, Fabled and Mythical Critical Hits
  • Veteran Rewards
  • Veteran experience bonus
  • Loyalty System
  • Daily Objectives
  • Dungeon Finder
  • Agnostic Dungeons
  • Reforging
  • Mercenaries
  • Tradeskill Apprentices
  • Spell Research
  • Guildhalls
  • Prestige Homes Portal
  • Home Teleport From Anywhere


We look forward to seeing Norrathians fight their way through the new challenges that come with PvP on March 16th. If you can't wait, start the conversation with other players on the EverQuest II forums here!