The upcoming TLE Server, Kaladim, will launch on on Saturday, March 16, 2019 at approximately 12 PM PT. This server is perfect for any adventurer that wants to go back to experience the earliest days of EverQuest II and move through the expansions over time.

If this is the first time you're hearing about the new Kaladim TLE server, you might want to look back at this post. Otherwise, read on for some of the answers to your most frequently asked questions!

What is a Time Locked Expansion server?

A TLE server has a special ruleset that allows players to revisit exciting adventures from previous eras of EverQuest II, starting with original launch content. Every 16 weeks, content from the next expansion will unlock allowing progression through much of the original game content over time.


Who can play on a TLE server?

All Access Membership is required to create characters and play on the Kaladim server. 


When will new content be unlocked on the server?

Every approximately 16 weeks, a new expansion and its associated content will unlock on the server.  Adventure packs such as the Fallen Dynasty will release 8 weeks into the applicable expansion. Hunter’s Coins and items will be included for all content packs and will also be mid-progression content.


What Races and Classes will be available at launch?

All races will be available on Kaladim at launch!

The Channeler and Beastlord classes will not be available for play on Kaladim. These classes have been deemed “Out of Progression” for the beginning of the server and will be made available at their original expansion releases. Recipe scrolls, spell drops for these classes have not been removed due to the “global” systems.


Can I transfer my character to Kaladim?

No transfers will be available to Kaladim. 

What Starting Areas will be available?

Starting areas will be Outpost of the Overlord and Queen’s Colony on the original Isle of Refuge. Darklight Wood and Frostfang Sea are available via the travel bells but not as places you can start a new character. Timorous Deep and Greater Faydark will not be available until those expansions are released.


Will experience values be tuned for Kaladim?

Experience values will be slower, similar to how it was at original launch. Tradeskill experience will be the same.


Will Spell Research be available on Kaladim?

With the launch of Kaladim, spell research will be made available. However, spell research will be capped at Master.


What will combat be like?

Great lengths have been taken to ensure the difficulty of encounters should be more challenging than on normal servers. 


Will rewards and itemization reflect early EverQuest II?

The primary goal of the itemization rebalance is to restore as close as possible the early game to its original launch experience.  This means encounters will be more challenging to defeat than on normal servers.


What will be available for purchase in the Marketplace?

The majority of the Marketplace will be available at launch, with the exception of a few items that will be locked behind future expansions.

Will Guildhalls be available?

Guildhalls will not be made available.


Will we be able to leap or fly on Kaladim?


Leaping and flying will be restricted to their content expansions. Leaping will appear during Rise of Kunark, and flying will appear during Destiny of Velious.


Can I use my /claim items?

Claim items will be restricted based on expansion, and, in some cases, may never be made available to preserve the progression of the server. 


What will be available for Tradeskills?

Crafted gear has had its progression re-balanced. Handcrafted items are now entry level gear at its tier and mastercrafted should now be just below heroic quality.


Can I use a Mercenary?

The Mercenary feature become available when the Age of Discovery expansion unlocks on Kaladim. 


Can I participate in Player vs Player or other competitive content?

Battlegrounds and Proving Grounds will not be available on Kaladim.


Will Familiars be available on Kaladim?

Familiars have been deemed “Out of Progression” for Kaladim and will not be available.


Will we be able to /house to travel on Kaladim.

Using /house has been restricted to be within the accessor for housing and will no longer be available from anywhere.


But I have a question about something else!

  • There will only be ground mounts and they will have reduced ground speed. The highest mount speed on these servers is set at 29%.
  • Veteran Rewards, Veteran experience bonuses, and the Recruit-a-Friend program will not be available on Kaladim.
  • Loyalty System and daily quests are locked to Chains of Eternity expansion.
  • Legendary, Fabled and Mythical crits will be locked to Altar of Malice Expansion.
  • No dungeon finder will be available.
  • Level agnostic dungeons will be locked to an undetermined expansion feature.
  • Reforging and tradeskill apprentices will be locked to Age of Discovery (alongside Mercenaries).
  • Experience penalty will be returned to launch levels of experience gain.
  • Dropped coin has been returned to launch levels of coin gain.
  • A new queue system for logging in will be in plae on March 16th.


We're very excited to set off on this new journey with you on March 16! If you can't wait to get in on the adventure, you can chat with other players on our TLE forums here.