Are you ready to relive your epic journey from the earliest days of EverQuest II? Heed the call of adventure and return to the Isle of Refuge once again on the new Time-Locked Expansion Server, Kaladim! The Kaladim server is scheduled to launch on Saturday, March 16, 2019.

What’s Happening on Kaladim?

Kaladim is a Time-Locked Expansion server where expansions unlock automatically. Kaladim will also have a new twist on Collection Quests. Completing Collection Quests on this server will reward 3 new achievements from each expansion aside from the normal collection quest rewards and achievements that are provided. These will give new rewards and titles unique to only Kaladim, but once obtained may then be applied to all characters on your account. Kaladim will also have a twist on Heritage Quests. Completing a Heritage Quest on this server will not only provide the quest reward, but an additional reward on EVERY server you play on.


Content Unlocks Every 16 Weeks

Every 16 weeks, new expansion content will automatically unlock on Kaladim. That means you'll experience 16 weeks of classic EverQuest II, 16 weeks of Desert of Flames, 16 weeks of Kingdom of Sky, and so on. Any content that was released in between expansions, including GU and Adventure Pack content, will release 8 weeks after its corresponding expansion has released. For example, 8 weeks after Kingdom of Sky is released, you’ll have access to Fallen Dynasty.


All Races, But Not All Classes

Channelers and Beastlords have been deemed “out of progression” for the Kaladim server. These newer classes will not be included as their newer spells and play styles are out of place for this journey.


New Itemization and Balance

Items have neem adjusted down to better fit the server's progression and to be more similar to original item stats. Itemization will change drastically from Shattered Lands to Velious. This, combined with a major encounter balance and player ability update, will restore more the classic feel of the original launch.


Return of the Hoods

We will be reopening the hoods and villages for Kaladim, like Big Bend, Longshadow Alley, the Baubleshire and Nettleville. Quest content in these villages will remain changed, but the hoods themselves will be there to access and reminisce. In time, these hoods will also be available for all other servers.



Familiars have also been deemed “out of progression,” and will not drop on Kaladim. They will not be available for purchase on the server.


All Access Membership Required

Like other progression and special ruleset servers, you’ll need an All Access Membership to access Kaladim. All Access also includes other great benefits, like 10% off most Marketplace purchases, and a claimable 500 DBC grant each month! You can learn more about membership here.


We’re excited to have you join us for the new Kaladim Time-Locked Expansion Server, on Saturday, March 16!