You’ve explored, you’ve collected, you’ve done just about everything EverQuest II has to offer, and now it’s time for us to do something special for you once again. Gear Up, Level Up is back! The event starts tomorrow after scheduled downtime is complete and will go on until October 24, 2022 to give you ample time to . . . hmm, let’s see . . . gear up and level up, of course!

Here is the schedule for all servers—yes, all servers:

  • September 27 – October 10 = Double Loot* (That’s two weeks!)
  • October 11 – October 17 = Mount Training Drops
  • October 18 – October 24 = Spell Research Drops

You’ve heard, “Adventure is out there!”, and it really is. Wishing all of you great fortune!

*Double Loot from the final bosses in solo and heroic dungeons, and from all raid bosses.


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