Whether you're a returning player or completely new to EverQuest II, below you will find a handy list of default keyboard bindings. Feel free to use this as a quick way to refresh or remind yourself what key does what. Happy hunting!

You can edit your keybind settings by opening the Options menu, selecting “Controls” on the left side bar, and expanding the section of bindings you would like to edit.

WSAD – Move Character

↑↓←→ – Move Character

Q – Strafe Left

E – Strafe Right

Space – Jump

Z – Crouch

X – Sit/Stand

H – Hail  

G – Group Say

T – Tell

R – Reply

K – Knowledge Book

J – Quest Journal

Alt+O – Options Menu

B – Bags

L – AAs

M – Map

O – Socials

Y – Community

C – Character

Esc – Clear Target/Close Window

F1 – Target Self

F7 – Target Nearest PC

F8 – Target Nearest NPC

F2, F3, F4, F5, F6 – Target Group Members

~ – Auto Attack

Tab – Cycle Visible Targets

Print Screen – Screenshot

Page Up – Look Up

Page Down – Look Down

F10 – User Interface Toggle

F11 – Camera Toggle

0-9, -, = – Activate Hotkeys