Yun Zi has has his final quest of the summer ready for worthy adventurers! If you'd like to collect the best rewards yet, you'll have to explore Lavastorm for the tradesbear. Succeed in your adventures, and you'll earn yourself a Days of Summer: 2018 Familiar Tonic, the Primus of Tol'Ren adornment, an Ascension Focus Rune, Divine Crit Bonus Grant, breastplate, the Days of Summer 2018 Decoration Pack 9 and of course, the highly-coveted Relic Tinker Prestige House Deed of Ownership.

Plus, if you were not able to log on during the Return to Guk ancient spell promo you will be able to purchase a grant to get yourself that reward as well!

In order to complete the merchant's last quest, you'll have to make sure you've already finished all of his previous quests from this year and last!

Find that you've fallen behind in your summer questing? The ambling tradesbear Yun Zi will be sticking around as the seasons change, so you'll be able to catch up and earn your rewards the next time you pay him a visit!


Get out to Lavastorm, adventurer - Yun Zi might be sticking around, but summer won't be here for much longer!