In a dark, stench-filled alley in the bowels of the city, a shady deal is going down. Ratscallion Attamilgad, the Unscrupulous is making a trade to obtain some stolen cloaks in the name of their boss, known as Shady Swashbuckler XVIII. Shady gave explicit instructions to Ratscallion along with a loaded leather pouch of coins and sent them on their way.

However, on the way to the deal, Ratscallion got stuck moving stealthily through some thick brush and unknowingly tore a hole in the coin pouch. By the time they got to the spot of the deal, they had no coin left in their pouch. The thief with the cloaks was nervous and anxious to rid themselves of the stolen cloaks, so they agreed to a trade for Ratscallion’s filigreed compass which had been passed down for generations.

On the way back to their boss, Ratscallion has gotten horribly lost due to no longer having their compass (and quite frankly not being very bright otherwise) and are unable to find their way home. Now starving, broke, lost, and weighed down with stolen cloaks, which are now making them a bit angsty, they want to unload the haul to anyone who is willing to take them.

Find Ratscallion, the Unscrupulous when intel is posted by us on a social channel as they amble about Norrath to get a cloak from them, but be quick, they will go into hiding in 48 hours. Keep an eye on our Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram accounts to ensure you do not miss the announcement of his reemergence for the next cloak!

NOTE: Kael Drakkel, Varsoon, and Zarrakon servers will need to earn the cloaks on the live or test servers and then purchase them on these servers.

NOTE: Information will drop on one of our socials at a time on an undisclosed date and time. Prepare yourselves!

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