EverQuest 2 Celebration Bundle

It's time to celebrate our 15th Anniversary, and we've added more to the Year of EverQuest Bundle just for you! 

  • Mount Jump-start Potion Steed indeed. Charge a mount to level 10 with this potion.
  • Varig's Forge For multi-talented multi-taskers. A multi-table that works for any crafting skill!
  • Dark Infusion Bundle Make good gear grrrreat with infusion bundle sets that increase the power of your equipment for each level threshold, 85, 95, and 105.
  • Year of EverQuest Backpack A 66-slot, appearance backpack to support you on your travels.
  • EverVital Vitality Vial (2) Gives full adventure and tradeskill vitality and a 2-hour 100% experience bonus.
  • EverQuest 2 Anniversary Painting An EQ2 15th Anniversary celebratory painting of Lucan D'Lere and Antonia Bayle for your home.
  • Year of EverQuest Merchant Crate A 100-slot vendor crate for your goods and goodies. Eliminates all broker fees. 
  • Journeyman's Boots of Adventure Put pep in your step! These boots give additional 15% movement speed that stacks with your current run or mount speed! 
  • Year of EverQuest: Extra Barding Slot Unlocks a barding slot on a mount. On time-locked servers, grants a single, large harvest pony bundle.
  • Flame-Branded Steed Wear flame-retardant britches on this feisty fiery mount!

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