Daybreak Games' All Access has many benefits for many of our games should you choose to become a member. Over the years—and specifically for EverQuest II—things have changed, and much for the better. From access to our new Lore and Legend server to faster mount speed, from extra character slots to uncapped spell tiers, there has never been a more opportune time to become an All Access member!

Here is what you get with your monthly/quarterly/bi-annual/annual membership:

  • 15% more coin
  • Double ALL alternative currency earned in-game
  • 10% bonus mount speed
  • Access to special ruleset servers: TLE, Lore and Legend, etc.
  • Access to special members-only zones
  • Access to member only experience bonuses
  • Uncapped Spell Tiers to Max
  • Ability to use certain equipment groups (Prestige)
  • 500 Daybreak Cash Reward to claim each month
  • 10% off unlimited marketplace purchases†
  • Option to purchase member only items in the Marketplace
  • Unlocked ability to gift items in the Marketplace
  • An additional 5 character slots
  • Access to member only items at in-game Loyalty Merchants
  • Access to the Overseer System, and increased adventures per day
  • Unlimited chat channel access
  • Ability to retrieve mail attachments from anywhere and send in-game mail
  • Ability to retrieve mail attachments from anywhere
  • Access to Broker anywhere
  • Brokering does not require Broker Credits
  • Ability to purchase from player vendors
  • Free Map Travel
  • Access to Threat List (Enemies) window
  • Access to Heartbound feature
  • Ability to use the Tradeskill Blueprints feature
  • Ability to create a guild
  • Ability to remove or undo Alternative Advancement purchases without needing to clear and rebuild from scratch


†10% discount applies only to Marketplace purchases made using Daybreak Cash or real-world currency. Excludes Daybreak Cash top-ups, Krono, memberships, and purchases made using certs, gold, or other in-game currencies.