Happy holidays and merry Frostfell, Norrathians!

It's been an incredible year thanks to all of you! We're grateful for every player who enjoys this game that is a passion and labor of love for all of us.

As part of our daily lives here we are constantly evaluating what we offer you -- our faithful roleplayers -- and are always striving to improve. Recently we added the Ethereal jewelry drops for the Tears of Veeshan expansion zones, we doubled the alternate currencies that Gold members earn, and made 10% mount speed, and 15% extra coin bonuses a part of Gold membership.

And there’s more fun to come!

Starting now -- Dec. 20th at 12pm PST -- to Sunday, Dec. 22nd 11:59pm PST, we’ve got a Double XP weekend planned which includes Adventure, Tradeskill, AA, and Guild XP!

To ring in the new year, we also have a 50% rebate sale on a lot of our items starting Tuesday, Dec. 31st at 12am PT to Wednesday, Jan. 1st, 11:59pm PT (two days!).

We also have some other changes and additions coming for January. For Gold members, we are adding past expansion items for Loyalty tokens on the Loyalty merchants in Freeport & Qeynos. You’ll be able to get items like paintings, pets, and other unique items. We’ll add other items as time goes on too.

Also, the Goblin Games are going underground. As of Dec. 31, 2013, no further Goblin Games tickets will be granted or sold. The games will still be available to play and the rewards are still there to purchase for the time-being if you have Goblin Gold, but no further tickets will be available.

Then, on January 23, we will be releasing our next set of Fabled Dungeons, this time from the Kingdom of Sky expansion! We will get you the details on those early in the new year. We are also working on a few improvements to the Mercenary UI based on player feedback that will come out in January.

There are several other announcements coming for you for 2014, so stay tuned…

Have a warm, wonderful holiday everyone!


Holly Longdale
Senior Producer
EverQuest II