For the fourth week of Days of Summer, Yun Zi is sending players all the way out to the Ruins of Kunark! Complete this journey for the tradesbear and he'll be grateful enough to grant you with a slew of new items. This week's rewards include a Summer Bloom Familiar, a charm, a ring, gauntlets, and the Days of Summer Decoration Pack #4. On top of all that, Yun Zi is also gracious enough to help you bump your Divine Potency up to level 35.

Days of Summer Decoration Pack 4

If you haven’t completed Yun Zi's quests from the previous weeks, you'll have to finish them before you can take on his latest quest!

Yun Zi will be needing your help again on Tuesday, August 29th at 12:01AM PT. The merchant will continue to have new quests for you every Tuesday up until September 26th, 2017, when all nine quests will be made available.


Don't keep Yun Zi waiting - it's time for another adventure!