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Brasse's SOE Live Survival Tip #5


Sometimes at SOE Live it can be hard to find exactly the right words to say to the developers of your favorite game, especially if you’re meeting them for the first time.

One of the coolest things about SOE Live is getting to interact directly with the teams responsible for designing the games you love to play. Let it be during a panel, out in the expo hall, or throughout some of the late night activities like the annual pool party, there will be lots of opportunities to listen to the game developers talk and share with them your thoughts about the games and questions about what they do on their teams.

For those of you who are new to SOE Live, it’s important to know that most of the Devs are nervous about what you might say to them. Be kind, be patient, and be ready for the SOE event of the year!

Online registration ends July 15, so don’t be too shy to register in advance!

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