Tinkerfest in Qeynos

The Gnomes of Norrath are the original Steampunks.  Small in size but big in curiosity, they’re famous for inventing elaborate clockwork creatures and experimenting with magic and machinery… sometimes with explosive results!  In order to share their love of invention with everyone, the Gnomes created Tinkerfest, a summer celebration of Gnomish heritage and things that go boom.

The festivities take place from July 26 through August 13 at Gnomeland Security Headquarters, located in the scenic Steamfont Mountains.  To get there quickly, look for Unstable Tinkered Portals located throughout Norrath.  (Sounds safe enough, right?)  Here are some highlights for this year’s Tinkerfest:

Tinkered Equipment


  • Professor Whatzzit is looking for adventurers to journey into the Ulterior Mechanica of Klak’Anon.  The city was once the Gnomish stronghold of Ak’Anon, but evil clockworks have taken control.  You’ll need the Gnomish virtues of bravery and intelligence to make it back in one piece.
  • In the creative spirit of Tinkerfest, Redd, an inventor, needs help with a secret project.  And knowing Gnomes, it’s probably really cool… and really dangerous.  You might want to bring some safety goggles.
  • Quest givers from previous years have returned with new rewards, so be sure to talk to them all.

Achievements:  This year, dedicated adventurers can earn four Tinkerfest achievements:  Full Metal Domicile, Famed Phosphorescence, Furiously Fast, and Gnomachine Too Complicated.

Holiday Merchants:  Collect Shiny Tinkerfest Cogs throughout Gnomeland Security Headquarters and trade them to the merchants for items with Gnomish flair, including crafting blueprints, house items, and event-themed mounts!

Tinkered Wings

Aether Racing:  Hop in a Gnomish flying machine and test your skills on four special Tinkerfest Aether Race courses: Butcherblock Mountains, Great Divide, Lavastorm, and Tenebrous Tangle.  These courses are only available during the event, so try them while you can!

Summer may be winding down, but the Gnomes are gearing up for a serious celebration. So brush up on your Gnomish, grab your toolkit, and join the fun!