• General
    • Agnostic named encounters now have appropriate health.
  • Savage Weald: Backwoods Brawl [Challenge]
    • The Grimling Zero, Mejana Kovari, and Dreamscale will no longer destroy your group if increments from their spawned adds are reduced to zero through control effects, such as fear, mesmerize and stun.
  • Reign of Shadows Raids
    • Vex Thal: Labyrinth of Solace [Raid] should now have its own portal entrance to prevent accidental zone ins when attempting to enter one of the other versions.



  • an ant antenna - Item name is now spelled correctly.
  • Account wide Heritage merchant items have had their effects returned to the original effect on the quested heritage item.
  • The recipe for the Phantastic Flinger now has bow, throwing, and crossbow options.


  • Trial of the Sacred Spirits - Entering the Trial of the Sacred Spirits should no longer attempt to place you in an instance someone else is in.