There's a chill in the air that can only mean one thing... Night of the Dead is about to return to Norrath! To prepare yourself for the arrival of ghould and ghosts, peruse the new spooky delights available in the in-game Marketplace! Here are just a few of the items available to get your in the spirit of things:


Personal Estate of Unrest

Personal Estate of Unrest

Who would dare reside in such a place? And what sort of horrors might be waiting in the rooms within? Find out by purchasing this Personal Estate of Unrest! Those screams sound like you'll be hosting one killer Nights of the Dead party this year...


Bedeviled Armor & Burbur Crate

Armor and Burbur Pet

When taking on monsters in Norrath, show them you're not afraid by donning any of the new Bedeviled Armor Sets and Weapons! Available in a variety of colors and styles, this Bedeviled Design shows you're not afraid of things that go bump in the those little Burburs! Burburs are packed into crates; each will grant you one random Burbur. Checking out the Burburs' many tricks is sure to be a treat this holiday! 


Dark Goblin Bat

Bat Mount and Mask

Take your enemies by surprise when you descend upon them astride the back of the Dark Goblin Bat mount! You can see his tattered wingspan, and that face... it's one only a bat-mother could love. Luckily, if you love it too, you can wear it as a mask!  


These items and more will be available beginning on October 1 in the EQ2 Marketplace. Get into game and see what other treats...or terrors!...await you. 

All of the Nights of the Dead items (except the Unrest houses and Dark Goblin Bat mount) will be retired to the Norrathian Vault at noon on Wednesday, Nov 18. Don't miss these items while they're available!

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