What’s the best looking mercenary you’ve seen in Norrath? Whatever your answer was before today will certainly change now that Archon and Martial Mercenary Crates are now available in the Marketplace!

Katastra Vilehex Mercenary

Archon Mercenary Crates contain a random inquisitor merc. Martial Mercenary Crates contain a random monk merc. Don’t get the one you’re looking for? No worries! The mercenary token can be traded in for a hefty amount of status. Katastra Vilehex is the most elusive mercenary available from either of these crates, but can be found in either of them.

Master Burl Whittlingfists Mercenary

Archon Mercenary Crates and Martial Mercenary Crates are each 799 Daybreak Cash and look for discounts by buying bundles of crates at the same time in the Marketplace.

Want to learn more? Kander chats more about these new mercs in this cut from the Rum Cellar Campaign Launch stream we recorded this week. 

These crates are only available for a limited time! Don’t miss your chance to pick up these unique mercenary appearances while you still can.