Kunark Ascending makes Ascension classes available as a form of progression for all max level characters. Ascension classes are the apotheosis of a facet of energy, and are the gateway to ascended power.

Ascension master

Once you have completed the Kunark Ascending signature quest line you may speak with one of the four masters in the Obulus Frontier to begin down the path to Ascension.

Ascension Forms

Each Ascension class grants the character the ability to shift into an avatar of that Ascension, converting all damage done from any ability that does not deal damage based on your weapon's damage type. This conversion will also convert most pet and swarm pet damage.

Ascension Class

The four Ascension classes that are available with Kunark Ascending are:

Elementalist: Wielders of the opposing forces of fire and ice, Elementalists have the power to rain down destruction or degrade the defenses of an opponent. Initiates of this class convert ability damage to cold.

Etherealist: Master of arcane and planar energies, Etherealists have abilities that deal with the manipulation of ambient or latent magical power.  Etherealists convert ability damage to magic.

Geomancer: Sometimes the most effective form of persuasion is the application of brute power.  Geomancers are able to bring literally staggering force down on an opponent.  These masters convert ability damage into crushing.

Thaumaturgist: Most things have some form of life energy, and Thamaturgists are able to manipulate and control that energy, twisting or bolstering it to meet their needs.  Blood Mages convert ability damage to disease.

How to Level Your Ascension Class

Once an Ascension class has been initiated by speaking to the correct master in Obulus Frontier, you will be offered a scroll that will guide you on your path to Ascension.

When studied this scroll will grant you a buff that will allow the character to earn a set amount of Ascension experience. Once the granted experience amount has been earned, the guidance buff will fade until you study another scroll. Ascension masters will only grant you a single guidance scroll each day, but these scrolls may be collected and studied at your convenience.

Ascension XP Bar

You may view your currently active ascension class in your character window, and view your current ascension experience points by right clicking on your experience bar and selecting Show Ascension Experience.

Changing Your Ascension Class

Changing Ascension classes is as simple as going to the appropriate Ascension master and picking up the class. All of the progress made on your current Ascension class is saved, and you will pick up right where you left off when you return to that class. Any Ascension abilities you have earned will remain in the Ascension tab in your spellbook, though you will not be able to access those abilities until you return to the matching Ascension class.

Ascension Spells

Note that many of the abilities in the above spellbook are greyed out because they are from an ascension class that is not currently active.

Ascension abilities can combo with other abilities to add an extra effect. In addition, Ascension abilities have the full range of spell tiers from apprentice to ancient.

Want to check out Ascension classes now? These are available on our beta server and all players that pre-order Kunark Ascending can take them out for a test drive now! If you haven't already pre-ordered Kunark Ascending, you can pre-order here. Kunark Ascending is scheduled to release on Tuesday, November 15!