Norrathians of Antonia Bayle! Those of you who honor and align with the city of Neriak and the Teir'dal are invited to join in this player-created and run roleplaying event.

What: Festival of the Blood Moon
When: April 19 – 22nd, 2013
Where: Outside the City of Neriak in the Darklight Woods

Here are more details courtesy of Lady Marchosia D'Nyre, player organizer and Mistress of Ceremonies:

The Blood Moon is the High Holy Day of the Teir`dal and occurs once every twenty-seven months - according to lore. Every Teir`dal follower of Hate must murder a good being to honor their faith. The nobles choose a commoner to mate with and then sacrifice. It is said that during the observance of this High Holy Day, a High Priestess of Innoruuk conceived Lanys T'Val, Daughter of the Prince of Hatred.

The Teir`dal are a proud, bold, and strong people with a long, rich history in Norrath. Please join us in observing their most holy of holy traditions and the history, lore, and culture of Neriak's people at the Festival of the Blood Moon April 19th - 22nd. We will begin the festivities with a ritual sacrifice and renewal of the Sacred Purpose and continue through the weekend with various exciting events. These will include jousting, trials of combat, tests of fortitude, challenges of intellect, and demonstrations of faith!

Hatred keep you!
Lady Marchosia D'Nyre
Harbinger of House Nox`Cruor
Mistress of Ceremonies