A big thanks to all of you for participating in the first EQII In-Game Poll and helping us get to know you better! We were very happy with the number of you who took the time to go ahead and answer our poll questions and we've spent some time going over the data.

So, on to the results! We know that the majority of you are exploring overland areas, doing quests, and playing in dungeons. Whew! We're glad there are no surprises there.

As for the socializing activities, while this certainly was not a scientific poll we were happy to find the majority are chatting and not playing in isolation. As for what activities you do when not adventuring,: the majority of you find tradeskilling the most compelling activity. Interestingly enough, for the remaining activities players were evenly spread out.

We will be continuing to add polls as we go forward and are working on gathering and planning questions now. Thanks again!