The Guild Hall depot system has been improved and expanded! In addition to the Guild Harvest Depot that was previously in game, there are now 7 additional new specialized depots!

What are depots? Depots are storage containers that guilds can use to organize and store materials. Depots can be accessed through the Guild Hall's "Amenities" tab.

Here are the seven new depots:

  • Ammo Depot – holds all types of throwing ammunition and arrows (Capacity: 100 stacks; 99,999 items per stack)
  • Collectible Depot – holds all "shinies" (Capacity: 5,000 stacks; 99,999 items per stack)
  • Food & Drink Depot – holds crafted and store-bought food and drink (Capacity: 200 stacks; 99,999 items per stack)
  • Fuel Depot – holds fuel for crafting (Capacity: 100 stacks; 99,999 items per stack)
  • Lore & Legend Depot – holds creature mastery items(Capacity: 200 stacks; 99,999 items per stack)
  • Poison, Potion, & Totem Depot – holds crafted poisons, potions, and totems (Capacity: 200 stacks; 99,999 items per stack)
  • White Adornment Depot – holds white adornments (Capacity: 500 stacks; 99,999 items per stack)

The Harvest Depot has also been improved. It will now hold up to 1,000 stacks with 99,999 items per stack. There are a few additional improvements made to the system as a whole:

  • Deposit All – This allows you to deposit all applicable items in your inventory into the depot! If you want to add only common harvests or superior adornments (as an example), you can make that adjustment via the rarity dropdown menu!
  • Search Feature Updates – There is now a search box and the ability to sort by quantity.
  • Improved Access Controls – You can restrict your depot access to visitor, friend, or trustee in the Guild Hall Amenities menu. Combined with guild rank permission settings, this provides guild leaders control over who can withdraw from each of the depots.

Visit the forums and let us know what your guild thinks of the new depots!