In addition to the items made by Norrath's amazing and friendly crafters (available through trades and the in-game broker), you can purchase an assortment of services, items and features with Station Cash from the EQII in-game Marketplace, to enhance your gameplay experience. Appearance armor, mounts, prestige homes, and server transfer tokens are just some of the items available. New items are added to the Marketplace weekly!

Red Quiver

Black Quiver

These new quivers, available in red or black, are not only stylish, they are utilitarian as well! Don't let their appearance fool you – these aren't just for arrows! When placed in your character's container slot, each quiver offers 44 item slots and the option to display the quiver as a backpack appearance (shown above).

Patched Goblin Top Hat

This Patched Goblin Top Hat adds a debonair flair to any outfit, whether you're dressing up for a party or just feel like being a bit fancy while out on an adventure! This style joins three previously released Goblin Top Hats.

Remember to keep checking out the "New" and "Sale" categories as well! You can catch up on the latest items you may have missed, or perhaps find a great deal on an older item you've had your sights on for a while!