Amidst the harrowing haunts that will be present in Norrath the next few weeks, players on the Butcherblock server will have the opportunity to enjoy a "Haunting Holidays" celebration, hosted by Hykata and the Malice in Wonderland Guild!

The co-hosts have come with several unique player events for the whole server to enjoy. Here's what Hykata had to say about the events:

Haunted House Challenge: Decorators with a haunting flair for style are invited to take part in Haunted House Challenge. Make your house creepily spooky, or spookily creepy, and submit to our judging panel. The grand prize winner will win a cauldron of platinum and a housing/crafting pack. The contest closes October 26th, and winners will be announced in the Homeshow forum and in game. Visit this thread in the Homeshow forum for more details!

Ghostly Riders in the Sky: Watch the Skies of Norrath for this exciting troupe's performance on October 28th. Be careful though, the Ghostly Riders may have some tricks and definitely some treats hidden in their Emerald Pegasus saddlebags!

Haunted Pay it Forward Crafting and Trick and Treating Day: This event will occur on October 29th, 2012 from 4:00-6:30pm EST. The first hour we will have adorners, carpenters, sages, armor and weaponsmiths on to craft your items for you. The second hour will have woodworkers, alchemists, tinkerers, and provisioners to provide all your toons' consumable needs. Rares and adorning items must be provided for the crafters. The last half hour join us in Malice in Wonderland's guildhall in Gorowyn for a Trick AND Treating event. Goodies will be handed out, but there will be plenty of tricks too! All levels are welcome!

Law and Disorder Event: Haunting Holidays weekend wraps up with the big event on October 30th, 7:00 PM EST! Help the Law and Disorder Detectives find clues and solve Norrath's crime of the Millennium. Present your evidence to Assistant D.A. Mraccoy and win a reward. If you have any questions or would like more information send in game email to Hykata or Hathun.

We hope to see you there!