After a long day of adventuring, Norrathians need a place to hang their hats, apprentices need creative workshops to tinker in, and guild mates need a warm fire to gather around after a raid. Thanks to the many crafting and decorating options available in EverQuest II, there are amazing player-created homes, guild halls, and dungeons in-game!

This week, we are sharing the creativity and innovation of Dawnstriker from the Antonia Bayle server. The house is called "Widow's Storm Isle." This house is a beautifully decorated Storm Tower Isle with a tragic story to go with it.

Let's take a look at Dawnstriker's descriptions and images (note - to see larger images, click on each of the thumbnails):

Dawnstriker, the High Elf Warden, recently found herself a widow. Her beloved Petram the Swashbuckler was recently lost at sea. In her mourning she built him a beautiful mausoleum and she often frequents it and leaves roses. She still lives in the Storm Isle; a shadow of her former self is constantly mourning her love lost. In her mansion filled with all the amenities that any Noble Norrathian can enjoy she still is empty and sad. How can her life go on without her beloved? In their home you will find a snapshot in time of what once was of their life and love...


Thank you, Dawnstriker, for sharing your home!

Want to visit Widow's Storm Isle? You'll need to have a character on the Antonia Bayle server! Click on "Housing Leaderboards" from the EQII Menu and select "Dev Picks."

If you'd like to have your home, dungeon, or guild hall considered for a future Norrathian Homeshow, send an e-mail to with the subject "EQII Norrathian Homeshow" and include your character and server name, the title of your home or dungeon, a general description, and up to 10 screenshots with captions.

See you next time on Norrathian Homeshow!