It's July and the Gorowyn City Festival is the perfect place to celebrate summer! And just like other recent city festivals, the Far Seas Trading Company has added a new element to the Gorowyn event! Check out the new Gorowyn Aether Race before the traveling festival leaves town.

The Far Seas Trading Company is pleased to announce that the next stop for their traveling festival will be Gorowyn. The Gorowyn City Festival is a highly-anticipated spectacle, in which all Norrathians may participate.

Each month, a different city is chosen to host this week-long event; Gorowyn, Neriak, Freeport, Qeynos, Halas and Kelethin each get a chance to put on their own version of the occasion. With Gorowyn playing host this month, you'll want to make your way to the Timorous Maw to find the festivities.

Adventurers who visit the City Festival will find quests, collections and rewards, many of which are city-specific. For adventurers who don't want to wait for the festival to begin, never fear! City Tokens are now being given as further reward for completing city writs.

Some of the rewards available during City Festivals include food and drinks, house items, and clothing.

For more information about City Festivals and their rewards, be sure to visit these fabulous guides from our fansites:

Each city has its own collection quest, so be sure to run through the Gorowyn Postage Collection quest to earn your Gorowyn-themed mailbox for your home! Home decorators might want to pick up the special Gorowyn door item that's only available during the City Festival, too.

The City Festival began on July 1st at 12:01am PDT and will run until July 7th at 11:59pm PDT. The festival only comes to Gorowyn twice a year, so don’t miss out!