Vicious Mountain Saliraptor & Terrorbird

Vicious Mountain Saliraptor

Two new Leapers are available via the in-game Marketplace today; the Vicious Mountain Saliraptor and the Terrorbird. These Leapers are Heirloom and No Value. The Leapers increase your ground speed by 60% and your air speed by 200%. They also increase Focus, Disruption, Ministration, Subjugation, Ordination, Slashing, Piercing, Crushing, Aggression and Ranged by 5. For more information about Leapers, click here.  Both Leapers are priced at 1950 SC and can be used at level 30.


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To buy these items and more using your Station Cash, just click the SC button in game, or type /marketplace in your chat window.

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